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Polish-Hungarian Research Platform Conference

Date: 21-22.11.2022
Location: Trębacka 4, 00-074 Warszawa, room 205 + online


21 November 2022
09:00 - official opening of the conference
Dr Marcin Romanowski (Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Justice, Poland)
Dr hab. Marcin Wielec, prof. UKSW (Director of the Institute of Justice, Poland)
Prof. Dr. János Ede Szilágyi (Head of Ferenc Mádl Institute of Comparative Law, Hungary)

09:30 - 11:30 - presentation of research results by the Artificial Intelligence Research Team (moderator: Prof. Gryszczyńska)
István Ambrus, Something old, something new - how to establish criminal liability if the offender is the AI itself?
Agnieszka Gryszczyńska, The impact of AI on cybercrime. Will it facilitate the actions of perpetrators or enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement?
Barnabás Hajas, Decision preparation or decision making? The role of artificial intelligence in public administration
Emőd Veress, AI From the Perspective of Civil Law: a Person or a Liable Person?
Rafał Wielki, Artificial Intelligence, Policing and Criminal Justice: De Lege Ferenda Postulates for the Polish and International Legislator
Zbigniew Więckowski, Council of Europe guidelines concerning judicial system supported by AI

11:30 - 12:00 - discussion

12:00 - 13:30 - lunch break

13:30 - 15:30 - presentation of research results by the Protection of the elderly Research Team (moderator: Prof. Lis)
Márta Benyusz, The rights of elderly persons: protection and gaps
Wojciech Lis, Special health needs of the elderly
Marta Osuchowska, Educational and socio-cultural needs of the elderly
Zsuzsa Wopera, Procedural protection of elderly in civil matters
Erika Csemáné Váradi, Protection of the elderly in criminal and criminological terms
Konrad Walczuk, Restrictions on the rights of older people in extraordinary states and crisis situations

15:30 - 16:00 - discussion

16:00 - end of the first day of the conference

19:00 - official dinner

22 November 2022
08:30 – 10:30 - presentation of research results by the Administrative Justice Research Team (moderator: Prof. Patyi)
Gábor Hulkó, Questions of efficiency in administrative justice
Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk, Entities with standing to bring an action before an administrative court
Przemysław Ostojski, Standards of judicial review of administrative decisions in strategic areas of Polish economy
András Patyi, Administrative court system in Hungary
Kitti Pollák, Questions regarding the application the Code of Administrative Litigation in Hungary
Mateusz Pszczyński, The electronic administrative court as part of the administration of justice: future or present

10:30 – 11:00 - discussion

11:00 – 12:30 - lunch break

12:30 – 14:30 - presentation of research results by the Mediation Research Team (moderator: Prof. Janusz-Pohl)
Barbara Janusz-Pohl, Theoretical and Praxeological Aspects of Mediation in Criminal Cases – Polish Perspective
Magdalena Kowalewska-Łukuć, Mediation in Polish Criminal Proceedings - Postulates de lege ferenda
Michał Peno, Implementing Mediation and other Forms of Restorative Justice. Hints for Legislator
Ádám Rixer, Mediation within Administrative Court Proceedings in Hungary
Ferenc Sántha, Victim-Offender Mediation as a Form of Restorative Justice in the Hungarian Criminal Justice System
Katarzyna Zombory, The Cross-border Family Mediation in the Polish Court Proceedings for the Return of a Child under the 1980 Hague Convention

14:30 – 15:00 - discussion

15:00 - official closing of the conference by the IWS Director

Polish-Croatian, Slovak and Ukrainian Research Platform Conference

Date: 23.11.2022
Location: online

09:00 - official opening of the conference

09:30 - presentation of research results by the representatives of the Polish-Croatian Research Platform (speakers: Sunčana Roksandić, Lucija Sokanović, Reana Bezić, Kristian Turkalj)

11:00 - discussion

11:45 - presentation of research results by the representatives of the Polish-Slovak Research Platform (speakers: Zuzana Adamová, Robert Dobrovodský, Peter Mészáros, Michal Turošík)

13:15 - discussion

13:45 -presentation of research results by the representatives of the Polish-Ukrainian Research Platform (speakers: Anzhelika Baran, Oleg Triboy, Oksana Bratasyuk)

15:15 - discussion

15:45 - official closing of the conference

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Polish-Hungarian Research Platform Conference, 21 November 2022
Time: 21 Nov 2022 09:00 Warsaw

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Polish-Hungarian Research Platform Conference, November 22, 2022
Time: 22 Nov 2022 08:30 Warsaw

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Polish-Croatian, Slovak and Ukrainian Research Platform Conference, November 23, 2022
Time: 23 Nov 2022 09:00 Warsaw

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